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second breakfast
second breakfast
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idk what else i'm supposed to say.

i wish you all the luck in the world. i really do.

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"And my axe!"

Arriving in Rivendell was pretty difficult because we had all our bags and sacks, we had the full kit. Most of us could barely stand up.

- Richard Armitage

aka Adam hides wanders around the set trying to avoid putting his bag on

There and back again.

"It’s quite bizarre actually having a Lego figure."


Today in Middle-Earth: Frodo, Sam and Gollum reach Minas Morgul and  see the Morgul-host set forth (March 10th, 3019 T.A.).

Frodo felt his senses reeling and his mind darkening. Then suddenly, as if some force were at work other than his own will, he began to hurry, tottering forward, his groping hands held out, his head lolling from side to side. Both Sam and Gollum ran after him. Sam caught his master in his arms, as he stumbled and almost fell, right on the threshold of the bridge. 

   ’Not that way! No, not that way!’ whispered Gollum, but the breath between his teeth seemed to tear the heavy stillness like a whistle, and he cowered to the ground in terror. 

   ’Hold up, Mr. Frodo!’ muttered Sam in Frodo’s ear. ‘Come back! Not that way. Gollum says not, and for once I agree with him.’



Bilbo owns a claw of Smaug.



The overlapping shipping here is getting too much for my brain. Smaug/Bilbo, John/Sherlock, Sherlock/Bilbo, John/Smaug…I just…I have no idea what’s happening. Send help.